Decking and Door Installation in Cedar Rapids, IA

Signs You Need New Decks and Doors

Every feature in your home has a significant role in impacting the overall functionality of your home. One is your deck, which allows you to spend time outdoors without leaving your residence. It also serves as additional living space, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house and its resale value. 

Like your deck, doors also play a crucial part in the comfort and practicality of your house. They provide access to various areas of your home while separating each space for safety and privacy. 

However, like any other aspect of your home, both decks and doors show signs of wear and tear. When they do, you should have them checked to determine if your decking or doors need to be replaced. Listed below are some warning indications you may find.

Obvious Signs of Rotting

Rotting is one of the common culprits of wooden fixtures. It is often caused by moisture, which, if not addressed immediately, can cause further damage, such as destabilizing your deck.

Corrosion on Fixtures and Fittings

Another thing to watch out for is corroded fixtures and fittings. Decks usually last 10 to 15 years, but their structural stability becomes compromised because of rusted parts. Rust affects metal mass, weakening it to support the weight it used to sustain.

Loose Floorboard or Railings

Loose floorboards and railings are likewise hazardous indications you should be mindful of. They usually mean that the installation was done improperly. But if not fixed immediately by a Cedar Rapids deck builder, it can cause accidents or further damage to your deck. 


Loose Hinges

When it comes to your doors, hinges are a crucial element because they are responsible for the axis rotation for opening and closing your doors. That’s why they should not become loose; otherwise, the door may detach.

Door Drafts

A draft is a common sign of wear and tear on most doors, resulting in air leaks. This issue must be addressed using a door replacement before it can make your indoor air uncomfortable, adding strain to your HVAC system and energy bills. 

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